Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign Are you satisfied with the number of prospects generated by a marketing campaign? If not, then you need to try the following strategies to optimize lead generation campaigns! If you want to grow your business, be it a B2B company, e-commerce, to a startup, then increasing the number of leads or prospects must be a top priority. Designing a marketing strategy (marketing strategy) is indeed a good start, but that alone is not enough. You must optimize the strategy so that it converts leads every day in the stages of marketing (marketing funnel) and sales (sales funnel). How to? Check out the reviews through the article below!

Why is a Lead Generation Campaign So Important for Business Growth?

Marketers’ two priorities are generating new leads and converting those leads into repeat customers. So it’s no wonder that optimizing lead campaigns is a top priority.

Lead generation campaigns are campaigns to increase prospect interest and convert them into customers. This strategy focuses on efforts to convince prospects with the ultimate goal of turning them into customers and making purchasing decisions (consumer decision making). Without ongoing new leads, there is no sales process. Without sales, there will be no income and profit (profitability). And without income, your business can go out of business, aka failure. What’s more, most people who know your business won’t buy right away. You need to constantly collect leads so you can nurture them and turn them into future buyers. This is why, you need an effective campaign strategy to maximize lead conversion numbers. Several marketing campaign strategies such as lead referrals, cold calling, targeting, or other lead management strategies are indeed good for generating prospects. But that alone is not enough.

You need to learn how to generate more quality leads through running marketing campaigns and nurture them to become loyal customers.

5 Lead Generation Campaign Strategies to Generate More Leads

Here are 5 surefire strategies you can try to create campaigns that generate more leads:

1. Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of a lead generation campaign. Optimize your landing page and make it look as attractive as possible. The goal is for leads to have no choice but to provide their information. You need to know that landing pages can generate better conversion rates than other ads or offers. The average conversion rate for landing pages is 2.35 percent. The main keys to an attractive landing page are design, CTA, and copy. Make sure you provide copy that is short, sharp, and compelling. Because audiences need to understand exactly what your product looks like and how it overcomes their pain points within seconds of visiting your site. Make sure you focus on the benefits your product has for users, not the features. You can accelerate user understanding of the product (product knowledge) by including videos on your landing page. Most audiences tend to prefer watching videos over reading copy. That’s why 76 percent of salespeople say video marketing is the key to getting more leads.

2. Use Automation Gathering

leads is only the first step of the process. Because, you also need to maintain them (nurturing). Quoting from NeilPatel.com, there are about 2% of sales that are successfully obtained on the first contact. However, most salespersons choose to give up after the first attempt. If you automate this process, then you can get maximum results. Not only that, automation will also be very helpful in maintaining relationships with prospects. For example using email automation to send messages or drip campaigns to prospects. In fact, this strategy has also been proven to generate large returns (ROI). According to research by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing ROI is up to £42 for every £1 spent. Next, create a series of automated emails that are sent at regular intervals. Your goal is to guide leads through each stage of the buying process (funnel). And that means giving them the right content at the right time. Start with educational content about your broader industry and their common issues. A few emails later, you can start focusing on your products and services and how you can help them overcome their pain points.

3. Use Chatbots to Generate Qualified Leads

Customer service or customer relations officers (CS and CRO) are not the only ones who can nurture leads. Chatbots can automate almost every part of the lead generation process. Even in today’s era of business digitization, more than half of businesses use chatbots with AI to generate quality prospects. Start by replacing the form on your landing with a chat bot. Chatbots make it easy for prospects to fill in their details. In some cases, users may not even realize they are filling out a lead form. You can also use a chatbot to respond to prospects faster. Response time is important in lead generation. A study by Harvard Business Review shows businesses that respond to prospects in under five minutes are 100 times more likely to convert them. With chatbots, you can automate the response process and send messages as soon as prospects fill out forms.

4. Use a Multi-Platform Campaign

How many platforms (marketing channels) do you use for your marketing strategy? If the platform hasn’t optimally generated leads, you may have to use another platform. You need to understand that the customer journey is not a short process. It could even be that the leads you get don’t convert into customers. This is because a recent Google study found that it takes between 20 and 500 customer touchpoints to convert leads into customers. The solution is to run a multi-platform campaign, where your campaign is delivered in multiple formats across multiple marketing channels. Be it paid media, earned media, or owned media. For example social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok), blogs, websites, social messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram), and so on.

5. Personalize

If you want an easy way to increase conversion rates at every stage of a marketing campaign, give personalization a try. In the survey, more than three-quarters of marketers (77 percent) said that personalization results in better customer relationships with customers. And more than half (55 percent) say personalization results in higher sales conversions. You can try implementing various forms of personalized marketing such as email personalization, content personalization, and so on. This is a related review between lead generation campaigns. Through this effort, you can generate more leads and increase sales figures by converting as many customers as possible. On the other hand, you can also use digital marketing agency services to help grow your business. Some strategies that can be implemented are growth hack marketing, inbound marketing, 360 Digital Marketing, and Data-driven marketing so that the company can grow rapidly.